The Cognitive Debris Endeavor

Bust a Muse The Cognitive Debris Endeavor

Cognitive Debris has finally been realized. An anthology of my writings, the works within it range from short stories to poetry to random thoughts that are expressed in a just a few sentences. They are my attempts to capture and relay, in fictional settings, the snippets of meaningful and poignant things that life threw across my consciousness from time to time. The book as a whole is a reflection of how I experience life: not as a linear succession of events, but rather in bursts of emotions—what occurs is less significant than how it makes me feel.

It’s an intentionally small book. It’s for people like me that never liked reading because reading is seen as arduous and time-consuming. It’s a quick read, with most stories occupying only one page so that reading it doesn’t feel daunting—you can feel like you’ve accomplished something after just one trip to the bathroom!

I want to give a shout out to my big bro, as he took the photo that is the background of the cover and helped edit.

I want to thank my wife for facilitating the transition of my dream to reality (and not just when she married me). She was the one I bounced countless ideas off of with regard to content and aesthetics. When I got stuck on something, and the book became less of a fun hobby and more the bane of my existence, it became hers also. She bore with me the burden of completing it—at times more than her share. She helped edit and is responsible for the layout of the cover and many aspects of the interior. I also want to thank all the other people whose time and thought touched this work; their input helped sculpt it into its current, presentable form.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I (at times) enjoyed writing it.

For the old fashioned, the print version is available at Amazon (where you’ll also find the Kindle format). If new school is your thing, Cognitive Debris is available for all of the major e-readers through Smashwords.

Cognitive Debris

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