I see you’ve found the place I toil to produce posts both provocative and intriguing. This is my blog, or “the transcript of my mind,” as I’ve come to call it.

I’m Steve. I’m an aspiring great husband and father of two beautiful young ones with boundless energy and a penchant for anything that involves destruction.

After a long day spent working and being a mediocre role model for my kids, I try to recapture some of my sanity with a little reading, a little jazz, or some good old fashioned vid binging before life inserts itself into my consciousness again tomorrow.

Over the years I’ve become increasingly aware that wonder can be evoked by even the most mundane things in the world around me with the right perspective; I’ve learned that jumping on a trampoline by yourself is the loneliest activity; and of all the things I could hate, what I hate most is the afternoon sunshine after a morning of rain.

It is here that I plan to share with you my discoveries as I sift through this cornucopia of beauty that life has to offer.